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Landlords, we want to work with you and help you find reliable short-term tenants for your empty spaces.

The current market (and pandemic) has made it harder for businesses to survive. PopUp Wales is trying to address this by providing a stepping stone for new businesses to test the market before committing to long-term space. It is free to list a space with us.

The benefits to landlords are:


Removes the costs of ‘doing nothing’ by reducing costs of vacant spaces, including rates, maintenance, and other building costs.

Reduces the potential for additional costs e.g., security of occupied spaces reduces the risk of vandalism, squatting and disrepair that long-term unoccupied spaces face.

The Meanwhile Lease ensures maintenance and repair costs are recovered and the possibility of full vacant possession at short notice.

Increase the prospect of long-term use

Pop-ups often increase the awareness of properties to prospective tenants, particularly if it provides a home for an exciting project.

While the property is in use it gives prospective tenants easier access to the space and enable them to see the full potential of the space while active.

Help prevent a spiral of decline in an area

Pop-up spaces help improve the perception and vibrancy of an area, increasing overall footfall that in turn improves awareness, profile, and attractiveness of the property to prospective tenants.

Activating empty space with increased activities improves sociability and enhances satisfaction by creating visitor destinations.

Economic impact on the local community

Increases local economic activity by improving footfall, visitor spend and greater use of local amenities in the area. New businesses, short-term tenants, will support local supply chains and increase employment within the local area.

Enables flexibility and resilience

Pop-up spaces allow developers to leave some flexibility for places to evolve and gives them the ability to respond to changing demands. Particularly helpful as the impact of Covid-19 recovery and its implications on local communities and lifestyles changes.

To register your space please click the ‘Register’ button below and follow the registration form instructions. If you have any queries, please pop us a message via:

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