Pop-up With Us

Welcome to PopUp Wales. We want to help you find short-term affordable space in your local area to hire by the day, week, or month.

This will help you to:

Test the market

If you have a new business idea or are thinking about launching a new product, a short-term space can dramatically reduce the risk and costs involved. You can try out different locations or test new products without the commitment of a long-term space. It’s a great way to gather useful customer feedback.

Create an experience

Having a physical space, creates an experience that digital platforms cannot match. A pop-up allows you to better connect with your customers. You can be imaginative, creative and offer customers an excellent experience. They are more likely to engage with you online then.

Build Brand Awareness

A pop-up gives you the chance to interact directly with your customers and attract new ones. You can create an additional revenue stream alongside your online platform and gather instant market feedback.

To apply for a space please click the ‘Register’ button below and follow the registration form instructions. If you have any queries, please pop us a message via: info@popupwales.com

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